Home Improvement July 31, 2023

Summertime Home Improvements for Added Value

Tired of the real estate craziness & just want to stay put? Here are some exterior improvements homeowners are doing to make their surroundings more enjoyable this summer. And when you’re ready to sell, I’ll be here! Karen Daugerdas, Coldwell Banker Real Estate Broker, 847.494.1102.

  1. Landscaping and design:‌ $1,034-$5,720 on average
  2. Tree removaland trimming:‌ $400-$2,839 on average
  3. Gate and fence installations:‌ $5,206-$7,000 on average
  4. Concrete installations:‌ $3-$10 per square foot on average
  5. Exterior house painting:‌ $3,014-$8,117 (for a 2,500-square-foot home) on average
  6. Gardening:‌ $50–65 per hour on average
  7. Deck and porch remodel or addition:‌ $2,925-$15,329 on average
  8. Gazebo installations and construction:‌ $202-$1,500 on average
  9. Sod installations:‌ $1,568-$2,409 (for 2,500 square feet) on average
  • Play equipment construction and assembly:‌ $350–$850 on average