Property Titles & Deeds July 9, 2023

Help Deter Theft of your Property Title

Real estate title fraud, also known as title theft, occurs when someone changes the ownership of your property to themselves, forges your signature on a deed & records it, leaving them free to sell your property.

You can’t prevent it, but you can make it more difficult by requesting an alert of any activity on your property.

  • Fraudsters typically target homes that are paid in full & have no mortgage. They file forged documents with a county recorder.
  • Once the document is recorded, it is up to you, the homeowner, to petition the court, at your own expense, to get a court order to have the fraudulent recording removed.

There are companies that offer “title protection services” for a fee to homeowners.  These companies claim to protect property owners from criminals who forge a homeowner’s name on a deed, file the deed at the local courthouse, and then take out a mortgage against the home, or some variation on this theme. But this is more a notification service that there is recording activity on your property.

However, most counties offer a free Property Fraud Alert that will call or email you any time a document is recorded against your property, or the property of a loved one.

The websites for Cook, DuPage & Lake are listed below. This alert service is free to you. Sign up to be notified of activity on your property!

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