Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home To Renovate or Not: Options for Sellers When you bought your house, it was probably cutting edge, but over time, just like fashion, style changes. I’m still hoping polyester comes back, but it probably won’t, so most of your potential buyers are going to look at your house and want to update it. When It Comes to Doing Renovations There are Three […]
Selling Your Home 10 Reasons to Sell your Home during the Holiday Season When most people think about the holidays, they think about spending time with family, exchanging gifts, and enjoying a delicious feast. What many people don’t think about is using the holiday season as an opportunity to sell their house. Despite what you may have heard, there are many great reasons to sell during the holidays. Yes, the […]
Selling Your Home Should you sell during the Holidays? If you think the Holidays should STOP you from listing your home now, here are 11 reasons to reconsider. People who look for a home during the Holidays are more serious buyers. The serious buyers have fewer houses to choose from during the Holidays. Less competition means more money for you. The supply of properties […]
Selling Your Home Selling in Today’s Market If you’re thinking about selling your home, you may have heard about the housing market slowing down in recent months. While it’s still a sellers’ market, the peak frenzy the market saw over the past two years has cooled some, according to the real estate information base “Keeping Current Matters”. If you think you’ve missed your […]
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